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JCI Gwalior is the oldest and distinguished chapter of Jaycees in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is affiliated to Indian Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International. The purpose of the Jaycees movement is to develop leadership and managerial skills amongst youth. Over a million young person in 120 countries across the globe are associated with this unique organization

In the past 51 years this Chapter through its unique specialty of personality development has given respectable and talented citizens in Gwalior. Moreover this organization has done a lot for youth of the city through its Social service programmes few are as follows :

To felicitate the youth GWALIOR RATNA and outstanding young persons of Gwalior
To promote our democratic values sending few youngsters to Japan for Debates
Social and economic help to Mercy homes, Orphanage, Blind homes etc
Scholarship to talented but economically poor student
Different cultural programmes for searching and giving platform to talented artists.
Different community Programmes for increasing fellowship
Among the youth Environment day, child care week, Women week, Jaycee week etc.
Promoting Leadership and managerial skills in School Students through 21st century leadership Programmes like 7keys to success.
Giving basic skills of training for personality development In youths and Organizing mega event magician night-1999, Fashion shows dress circle 2003 & master 2005, laughter challenge show-2005 etc
For the last 51 year JCI Gwalior is a distinguished name among the youths, for their development we always try our to enhance the movement by our efforts. Guidance of our Past- presidents and dedication of our members in this movement give fantastic results every year and this year also in the President ship of JC Laxman Sharma we are organizing several programmes, we require your best wishes and blessings for our Chapter.

The chapter is always with Zone and National for all the event and programmes the following list of HGF and JFM show the commitment and co-operation of chapter towards Zone and National programmes.

In the field of Leadership & Business Management JCI India has three very popular effective and prime training programmes. These training programmes have ability to totally transform a participant, all these programmes are three days residential programmes with the best faculties of JCI India like Jc. G. Balachandran, Jc R. Sunil Kumar Jc Harendra Singh, Jc Ramesh Batawia and teams. These programmes are always help in five stars hotels. NALANDA & VEDA are designed for leadership & administrative success, ABLE is purely a business training progran . The chapter proudly posses a huge no. to Nalandian, Vendian and Ablians.

JFM Ramesh Shrivastava
JCI Sen. JFP Sunil Goyal
JFM Ramesh Shrivastava
JCI Sen. JFP Sunil Goyal
JCI. Sen. Keshav Vaishya
Jc. HGF Nitin Manglik
Jc. HGF Ramesh Shrivastava
JCI Sen. JFPSunil Goyal
Jc. Ran Kishor Shukla
Jc. HGF. Satyendra Gupta
Jc. Deepak Mittal
Jc. HGF Prem Baboo Jain
Jc. Sanjay Gupta
Jc. Amit Khandelwal
JFM Saket Gupta
Jc. Prakesh Kokwani
Jc Manav Mewra
Jc. Dr. Jai Kukraja
Jc. Neeraj Mangal
Jc. Brijesh Singhal
JCI Sen. Keshav Vaishya
JCI Sen. JFP Sunil Goyal
JCI Sen. Anil Jain
JCI Sen. Dr. Jai Kukreja
JFD Salil Gupta
JFM Saket Gupta
JFM Shiv Shankar Agarwal
JFM Ramesh Shrivastava
JFM Shashi Bhushan Singhal
JFM Deepak Bansal
JFM Varun Agarwal
JFM Manav Mehra
JFM Salil Gupta
JFM Navin Kothari
JFM Jitendra Jajoo
JFM Sandeep Goyal
JFM Neeraj Mangal
JFM Swatantra Goyal
JFM Dr. Pukhraj Gaur
JFM Rahul Gupta
Jc HGF Anil Jain
Jc HGF Dinesh Rustogi
Jc HGF G.L. Bhojwani
Jc HGF Girraj Kishore Goyal
Jc HGF Keshav Viashya
Jc HGF Mahendra Jain
Jc HGF Manav Mehra
Jc HGF Mangesh Indulkar
Jc HGF Manmeet Singh Kohli
Jc HGF Narendra Jain
Jc HGF Nitin Manglik
Jc HGF Prakash Lokwani
Jc HGF Prem Baboo Jain
Jc HGF Ram Kishan Singhal
Jc HGF Ramesh Shrivastava
Jc HGF Saket Gupta
Jc HGF Sandeep Agrawal
Jc HGF Sandeep Jain
Jc HGF Sanjay Gupta
Jc HGF Sanjay Mittal
Jc HGF Sanjay Suri
Jc HGF Satish Ajmera
Jc HGF Salil Gupta
Jc HGF Vivek Harlalka
Jc HGF Navin Kothari
Jc HGF Rahul Gupta
Jc HGF Shashi B. Singhal
Jc HGF Neeraj Mangal
Jc HGF Shashi Dutt Gagrani
Jc HGF Ajay Agrawal
Jc HGF Satendra Gupta
Jc HGF Rohit Asthana
Jc HGF Jitendra Jajoo
Jc HGF Dr. Jai Kukreja
Jc HGF Deepak Bansal
Jc HGF Manoj Gupta
Jc HGF Swatantra Goyal
Jc HGF Sandeep Goyal
Jc HGF Amit Jain
Jc HGF Nitin Agarwal
Jc HGF Dr. Pukhraj Gaur
Jc HGF Varun Agrawal
Jc HGF Siddarth Mishra
Jc HGF Manish Mehra
Jc HGF Ankit Maheshwari
Jc HGF Pradeep Agrawal
Jc HGF Rachit Agrawal
Jc HGF Nilesh Bindal
JCI Sen. JFP Sunil Goyal
JCI. Sen. Keshav Vaishya
Jc. Rajpal Ahuja
Jc. Sudhir Bajpai
Jc. HGF Nitin Manglik
Jc. HGF Saket Gupta
Jc. HGF Sandeep Agrawal
Jc Satish Agrawal
Jc. Ramesh Shrivastava
Jc. Prem Baboo Jain
Jc. Shashi Dutt Gagrani
Jc. Chandra Mohan Singhi
Jc. HGF Manav Mehra
Jc. HGF Prakash Lokwani
Jc. HGF Salil Gupta
Jc. HGF Shashi Bhushan Singhal
Jc. HGF Ankit Maheshwari
JFM Varun Agrawal
Jc. HGF Prakash Lokwani
Jc. Shashi Datt Gagrani
JFM Ramesh Shrivastava
JCI Sen. JFP Sunil Goyal
Jc. Vikas Khandelwal
Jc. Chandra Mohan Singhi
Jc. Anoop Khandelwal
Jc. Dharmaendra Gupta
Jc. Shashi Dutt Gagrani
Jc. Ramesh Shrivastava
Jc. Rajpal Ahuja
Jc. Prem Baboo Jain
Jc. HGF Manav Mehra
Jc. Sameer Agrawal
Jc. Amit Khandelwal
Jc. Girish Satija
Jc. Shashi Bhushan Singhal
Jc. Navin Kothari
Jc. Neeraj Mangal
Jc. Prakash Lokwani
Jc. Jitendra Jajoo
Jc. Vinay Jain
Jc. Monu Marwari
Jc. Ram Nagori
Jc. Piyush Agrawal

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